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I'm a Cover Girl

In 2022 NSCC approached me to share my success story in attending the college and what opportunities it has given me.

Now you can find a short story and my face on the cover of the most current view book.

"If you’ve not seen one of Anisa Francoeur’s bright, bold designs already, it’s only a matter of time. The NSCC Graphic Design grad is a multi-talented creative whose tattoo-inspired, playful creations are popping up across Nova Scotia’s capital city and throughout the province."


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The Coast
Best Visual Artist 2022
Gold Winner


If we wanted to get technical, Anisa Francouer calls herself a “creative” more often than she says “artist.” Between design work (including the branding for BOH-awarded Dartmouth cocktail destination Dear Friend and its satellite ventures), painting murals and making digital works that are bold and playful, the boundaries of the prior term make sure she’s not painting (or sketching or designing) herself into too tight a corner. Nonetheless, Francouer’s win for Best Visual Artist is both deserved and greeted with delight. Twice over the course of her phone interview with The Coast, she chokes up over its significance. “We need more murals, sculptures, artists, and I hope that it inspires people to go in this direction for their future. Because it's a direction that people definitely should go in. It's a super fun job and you can make a living doing what you love, which is the best part about this,” she says. “I think the main message I just want to say is that art brings community together, so keep creating.”


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I have helped many brands lift up their social media game and give their brand a new presence online. A good social media can set your business apart from others. let's work together to create unique designs and photography for your next post!

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