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All donations collected through this art auction will be donated to the Mural Festival.


The piece is a hand painted acrylic on wood. Contour cut to shape. Estimate size: 3.4ft wide x 2.5 ft high.


Inpired by this cocktail:


Harmony in Hues

11/2oz Ketel One Vodka

11/2oz Pear Cordial

Barspoon Orchard Brine

2 drops Orange Blossom

4oz Electrolyte Water



The Urban Orchard Project, helmed by Keegan McGregor and art by Anisa Francoeur, merges cocktail craft and artistry to support communities. Funds raised through art auctions directly fuel the local Mural Festival, empowering artists and enriching neighbourhoods. Originating in HRM, their vision extends globally, celebrating creativity and cultural exchange through vibrant urban murals.

Urban Orchard Project

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